Traditional Values

Traditional values, which are sometimes called family values, are often purported by elderly generations to be the best idea for long term stability and success. Generally speaking, traditional values have a lot in common with conservatism in the political sphere, although there are subtle differences.

Traditional values may mean aspects such as the staying together of a family in two-parent households, the pursuing of a valuable career, and ownership of your own home. Although the pursuit of these values is not limited to the elderly, it has been demonstrated that as you age, you are more likely to shift toward more conservative values.

Traditional values are commonly challenged by younger generations, who may be more willing to explore the flaws in the traditional values. However, it isn’t always apparent that a defect in a system or value is a good reason to dispense with it. One of the benefits which is being challenged in the modern world, is the utility of the nuclear family, with many younger generations being more open to accepting alternative family setups, many of which require services of the state. What is clear though, is that eliminating values can have consequences which are difficult to foresee.

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