Elderly in Entertainment

For years, authors have been writing multiple books aimed specifically towards elderly audiences; this has continued through to television and movie writers attempting to do the same. In recent years, many successful films and television shows have been released which are designed to cater to elderly audiences specifically. A notable example is the hilarious movie “Going In Style”, which features elderly actors Michael Caine, Morgan Freeman, and Alan Arkin. The film is a comedy that follows three bungling pensioners attempt to rob a bank after the bank loses their pensions through mismanagement.

Another popular television show which deals with many issues that the elderly face regularly, is Grace & Frankie, a show that follows two elderly couples who get divorced but still remain friends. Ageing is a common theme throughout the show, which deals with common medical issues such as heart attacks through to loss of memory and dementia. The show also touches on the controversial subject of children attempting to put their elderly parents into care homes, sometimes against their will, by taking control of their parent’s assets and having financial control over them.

The recent trend in featuring elderly characters in television shows and films more prominently has proven to be successful amongst audiences and definitely shows no sign of ceasing. This is helped, in part, by many actors and actresses who are now elderly themselves but are still seeking roles.

Maggie Smith is one such actress who still has a highly successful career, even while in her eighties. She has starred in the hugely successful Harry Potter film series, where her age was a necessary requirement to portray her character. She has also starred in the popular television series Downton Abbey, where her age was required to characterise the matriarch of the family accurately.

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