Signs It is Time to Put Parents into Care Homes

The decision to put a parent or loved one into a care facility for the elderly can be overwhelming. Most people would love to take care of their parents to the very end without feeling as though they are passing over the responsibility to others. The reality is that you may not always be in a position to take care of them. There is nothing wrong with sharing the responsibility of caring for older people in society. Have a candid and reassuring discussion with them and let them be active participants in the debate about whether to put them into care homes.

When to Put Parents in Care Homes

The first sign that you need to consider care homes is when they cannot look after themselves. Suppose they need assistance to eat, go to the toilet, clean up after themselves, and do necessary activities. In that case, it is a danger to have them at your house unless you are home all the time. You should also consider taking them to care homes if they have developed medical conditions that require constant monitoring, such as Alzheimer’s or dementia. Care homes have professionals trained to handle different medical conditions and give medication and therapy when necessary. If caring for your elderly parents is causing you to show signs of stress, you should find another option where they can stay. One of the reasons people stress, is wondering whether their parents are safe and comfortable, especially when they are home alone.

Maintaining Relationships

Taking your parents to care facilities does not mean you abandon them. Make deliberate efforts to visit them as regularly as you can. It is advisable to choose a facility near you, so you do not have to travel too far. Listen to your parent about their experience at the facility and be willing to transfer them to another if they are not happy.

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