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Elderly In Politics

It is undoubtedly becoming more popular for the elderly to become, and stay as politicans, particularly in the countries of the United Kingdom and the


Most people choose to retire at a certain age in their life. To retire means to cease working for a living, with almost all retirees receiving some ki

Taking Care of Older People in Society

Elderly people played a significant role in our communities when they were younger, and they have so much experience which we can apply today. Their wisdom is still precious to our society, even though age has slowed them down physically. It is …

Substance Abuse

A growing problem amongst the elderly, as reported by many sources, is substance abuse, the excessive or harmful use of substances, such as drugs. The


Cognitive health in the elderly is often focused on a person's ability to think, learn and remember. Although the brain does often slow down with age,


Arthritis is a medical term which is often used to describe any disorder that affects joints, typically any symptoms that involve joint pain or stiffn

Nursing Home Care

Nursing homes, colloquially called old people's homes, care homes, or retirement homes, are places which provide residential care for elderly or disab