The elderly have been both the subject of comedy, as well as innovators in the field for many years. While older comedians aren’t as common as younger ones, there are still plenty around who are still actively working, and being successful.

Like many comedians, elderly comedians attempt to make their audience laugh through making jokes about society or situations, which the elderly have a lot of. Jokes about younger generations are common, and there is evidence that jokes about previous generations have been around for centuries, although it is speculated that as society begins to progress faster, the more frequent jokes about previous generations have become.

Jokes relating to the elderly, commonly revolve around mocking beliefs or styles, with clothing and hairstyles being the frequent butt of jokes. Another common topic is the belief that racism, mainly casual racism, was prevalent in the past and now deserves to be mocked. Many comedians have become popular purely for their mocking of the elderly, although it isn’t clear that it is their honest opinion and not merely just comedy, which ultimately should not be taken seriously, but only as a joke.

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