Evolution of a Rebel Chopper

sox and Paul Hand August 05

1986 Rebel CMX 450 (California Model)



Front End Rake:  to 43 (by Briz in Norfolk,UK)
 Rear shocks: Gas  from Hagon UK. Extra bump stops put in to stop excess movement (there is approx. 3 inches of clearance between fender and tire).
Top shock mounts: Powder coated black Aeromax by Aerocoat
Rear end: lowered 3 inches via smaller shocks (for Rebel 250)

 Rebuilt: Overbored by .50mm.
 Exhaust: Custom made stainless steel drag pipes by Blackjack (Bristol, UK)
 Carbs: Rebuilt summer 02
 Paint: Powder coated Candy Red by Aerocoat
Final Drive:
 Sprocket: 30 tooth rear from Wemoto

 Sissy Bar: Jack's Salvage, Florida, USA,  powder coated silver Aeromax by Aerocoat
 Front seat: Resculpted and recovered with Snoopy design by Dawn Hammond
 Pillion: redesigned and recovered: West Norwood, S. London. (Based on Shadow 125 pillion seat.)
 Saddlebags: Girvin Cruiser Hard Shell (private sale purchase)
 Foot pegs: "Sundance" from Highway Hawk
 Grips: Custom drilled grips - Jesse James stylee (Ebay)

 Indicators: Mini turn signals. The front are LED from Battistinis and the rear from Hein Gericke.
 Front Headlamp: Stock '87 Rebel Halogen
 Brake light: Twin Catseye  from Custom Fasteners. Mounted under rear fender by Paul Hand.

 Front: 18" 90/80 (u/s)
 Rear: 15" 150/90 (o/s)
 Spokes: Stainless Steel (Wire Wheels and Hagons)
 Rims: Powder coated in silver Aeromax by Aerocoat
 Hubs: Powder coated in silver Aeromax by Aerocoat
 Brake drum:
Powder coated in silver Aeromax by Aerocoat

 Forks: 6" overstock - Jack's Salvage, Florida, USA.
 Horn : BMW (car)
 Mirrors: Maltese cross from Cycle ReCyle
 Switchgear :'88 Honda VLX from Ebay, Powder coated in black Aeromax by Aerocoat.
 Handlebars: Highway Hawk 1" FWXG style
 Brake levers: Skull levers (Ebay), powder coated in black Aeromax by Aerocoat
 Brake Pedal: Powder coated silver Aeromax by Aerocoat
 Side Stand: Powder coated silver Aeromax by Aerocoat
 Forward Controls: custom made by Howtech, an ex member of www.rebel250.com forum. Powder coated black Aeromax by Aerocoat
 Chain Guard: Powder coated black Aeromax by Aerocoat
 Mirrors: Maltese Cross from crc2online
Tank Airbrushing: Paul Hand, Swanage, Dorset (01929-421-286) using House of Kolors paint.
Owners Comments:


Thanks to Jack in Florida for all the help and advice he has offered over the last few years. I recommend him highly for that "old school" service where the customer is always number one!

Special thanks TO:
Paul Hand for all his help over the years with some of the mechanical/body work and especially for the paint work.
Neil at Evolution Autos, London for help and assistance, mechanics and engineering!

Below is a photographic history of my bike from how it was when I got it following most of the changes that I have done to it. I have tried to put the pictures into chronological order.

- Wings and Wheels August 2000. The original stock look.

-  forks extended with no rake yet.
   - extended forks, now raked. Windscreen removed , leather saddlebags added.
- tool roll and sissy bar added by the time of the BMF May, 2002
  - added forward controls. Made by Howtech and purchased off of Ebay. - my mate Paul and his son enjoy a spin in Dorset.
- January 03. Rare appearance of snow in London!
- May 2003 at the Ace Cafe. Pictured beside Carol's 125 - May 2003 at the BMF, Peterborough. - GEMS show July 2003

-  Respray August 2002: Paul at work with the spray gun! - the frame done - Paul with bike prior to engine refitting.
 - all together now.....
  - The painted tank- (unfortunately, after all the hard work was done this tank turned out to be from a Rebel 250 so a new tank is now being resprayed. Paul will be making a chopper with a go-kart engine for his son and using it)

Dec 03:
  - Fuse box removed and moved to tool box under seat. New wiring loom.
- new saddlebags
- BMW car horn to replace bike horn
- Gas shocks to fit a Rebel 250  - whole bike with all the newer bits.

April 04:

- Paint job done! - Paul poses with his masterpiece.
  - The tank on it's new perch....(Best Cheech and Chong voice "Looooking Goooood!)

May 04

New Speedometer! Very lucky to have found an all new, still in the box Speedo and light cluster at davidsilverspares.co.uk Due to the bike being rewired I couldn't just plug it in. Ended up using the original guts of the light cluster and putting the new bulbs/plastic cover on.

Baaaad news. My con rod shell gives out at 90 on the motorway just outside Peterborough on the way to the BMF. I get the bike to Dorset with the plan of completely rebuilding it. This works out to approx 600-700.

June 04:

- The Donor Bike!...I find another Rebel 450 with 4,500 miles on the clock and buy that instead. The plan is to swap engines (and any other bits I might need) into mine.

Aug 04:

- back on the road after 3 months. New bottom end from '87 Rebel and top end from '86 Rebel with overbore. Drag pipes, velocity filters, engine paint job.

- Drag pipes added and engine resprayed. Paul cut off the header from the pipes on the '87 and welded them on to the pipes from Swarbrick Racing. He also welded on support brackets to mount them to the forward controls.

- Velocity filters added to the carbs. I didn't want to lose the Rebel look with the chrome air filter cover on the LH side so I decided to remove the innards and cut holes to accommodate the added length. I was also very aware that, being England, it has a tendency to get wet...partially covering the filter should keep out the water (and it works. My test drive after the bike was together was a 10 mile jaunt in the pissing rain!). The difference I've noticed immediately is the pulling power on the motorway. When I twist the throttle, it moves!

- the donor bike...empty guts!

Aug 05:

- overall view of the bike

- closeups of the engine paint job and the exhaust pipe extensions - view from the front

- a mere "slip" of a front fender

  - the brake lights in their new home - cockpit view with new Maltese Cross mirrors.

- try not to run out of petrol during the shoot!

December 05 - changed the brake and clutch levers for some ones I bought off of Ebay. Probably the only Skulls that'll ever make it onto my bike!

- Brake Lever - Clutch Lever - Front view both levers.

July 06 -  Lots of bits sent off to the PowderCoaters :)

- the smalls    - Front Hub and Rim - Front Hub up close  - Side view
  - Rear Brake Drum   - Rear Hub and close up
  - Forward extensions  - Brake Rod  - Exhaust headers - Brake Levers

Started Putting the bits on:

  - Forward Controls back on

April 07 - New recovered seats by Dawn put on...

Wheels reassembled by Hagons after powdercoating and stainless steel spokes.

Starting to look very shiny!


Oct/Nov 08 - after collecting bit and bobs for 2 years, the assembly and rebirth of my Rebel chopper begins...





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