The original Honda Rebel Owners Club came together through the hard work of Pete Buckingham and Ian Roden in 1999 (see Letter from the original founder)....We started having GM's at the Aviation museum in Coventry, (where Pete was a volunteer maintaining one of the jets he had worked on when he was in the Air Force) and became incorporated as a club a couple of years later, meeting regularly and displaying our bikes at the BMF shows. Pete's tireless crusades to promote and advance the club affected him emotionally, mentally and physically and he ended up having to give the club up to have a normal life. Since his departure, the club has been unable to find a sense of proper leadership and finally came to a halt this year....
Many people passed through during the 6 years of the clubs existence. Some moved on to other, bigger machines, some still ride the original Rebels they had when they joined the club and others have sold their Rebels and come back to buy another one.
All of them I would count as friends...

I have tried to include pics from different stages of the clubs existence and show as many past members as possible.
This page is dedicated to you guys and gals of the original club.

Pete Buckingham Ian Roden Glynn "Spock" Bailey Ian "Minty" Murray
Betty "2 Bikes"