Q. What parts fit my 125 Rebel off of a 250 Rebel?
A. Just about everything except the engine internals

Q. What is the correct model number for the various Rebels?
A. CA125, CMX250 and CMX450

Q. What years did they manufacture the 125's?
A. 1993 - 1999

Q. What years did they manufacture the 250's?
A, 1985 - 1986 (now known as the Rebel "Classic 250" by owners
1993 - present in USA, 1995 - 1999 in UK.

Q. What years did they manufacture the 450's?
A. 1986 - 1987 only

Q. Did they ever import the 450's into the UK?
A. Not by Honda, all the examples currently in UK have been either private imports or imported by specialist dealers as second-hand models...

Q. Do they still make the Rebel?
A. Yes, but it is only imported to the USA, as the CMX250 Rebel.

Q. When did they make the VT125 Shadow?
A. Production started in 1999 and is still a current model in Honda range (2005)

Q. Why have I seen Rebels registered after 1999?
A. Stocks continued to be sold for some time after the Rebel was withdrawn, leading to some examples turning up with much newer registrations. Also several examples have been noted that were imported from mainland Europe (km Speedo and incorrect dipping headlight are the obvious signs).

Q. Where can I get accessories for my bike?
A. Check out our Links page for good suppliers.

Q. Do you sell/stock parts for the Rebel or Shadow?
A. No, we are not a retailer, but we do come across examples on sites such as eBay for example. Whilst impossible to list every part that we find for sale, if anyone enquires we can usually point you in the right direction via our messageboard...

Q. Where can I get a workshop manual for my Rebel / Shadow?
A. This is one of the commonest questions asked... For the CA125, Honda (UK) produced a licenced copy of their own workshop manual which is sold at any Honda dealers (might not be a stock item but can be ordered...) The part number is: 62KEB00C

For the CMX250 there is a Clymer manual originally produced in the USA. This can be obtained via some UK book suppliers, and online via sites such as Amazon or eBay.

For the CMX450, there is also a Clymer manual, obtainable from the same sources.

For the VT125 Shadow, Honda UK have yet to produce a licensed copy as they did for the CA125 Rebel, but several copies of the 'real' manual have been seen being sold at various shows such as the BMF from Bikejumble type outlets, or specialist manual suppliers...

Q. How much is that little doggie in the window?
A. Who cares? You can't take a damn dog on yer Rebel can ya?